{ Monday, May 16, 2005 }

Super Weekend

So, Saturday Steady and I went shopping. I needed new shoes, and he needed stuff too. Off we went to the mall.

He took me to this mall, that was... it was like... I mean, I've been to the Mall of America, but then I knew, I'd been told "This is the largest mall you will ever see." This time it was "So, can you get these shoes at Fashion Square?" No one warned me that this mall is fucking huge.

So, I, like, can't stop talking about how large this mall is. I picked this up from my mother. I don't know where she got it, but my sister does it too. We all constantly make short, declarative statements about the rather obvious. Typically these are understatements. "Wow, this place is just so big. What a large mall. This place is big. Look, there's another arm over there. Who knew there was another arm? How many levels are there? What a large mall."

Large mall. Shoes. We find the shoes. A pretty pair of Danskos. In black and brown. They're not really all that pretty, but they are very, very practical. Two hundred and forty dollars later, I have shoes that are absurdly comfortable and attractive enough that I can wear them everyday for a long, long time.

After this, we head to CompUSA where we meandered about for quite some time before leaving with less than twenty dollars worth of purchases. Then off we went to the bookstore. We each got a book, and then we went to yet another mall.

Another mall, and here Steady managed to get some shoes. I also found a darling blue strapless dress for ninety percent off. So, after spending a couple of hours with our new books, we had to go out for a few drinks.

Today, I bummed around, finished my book (Tales from the Scale), went to work for a few hours, and then spent two hours talking about food and routines and stuff. Like, forty-five minutes was spent on the "mary ann in the morning" problem.

There's no easy answer to this one. He can't stand to listen to the alarm clock, but I just plain-old don't wake up for the first five minutes it goes off. He's not going to wake me up because I am mean and horrible to the person who wakes me, and apparently, he doesn't think that sounds like fun first thing in the morning.

Eventually, we made it to the grocery and an hour later, we managed to exit the store with a million pieces of produce and the tools to put a plan in motion.

We chopped and we chopped. We put together little tupperware containers for lunches and dinners. A giant fruit salad for me to eat all week... five tiny ones for Steady to eat one at a time. Steady made himself five little spinach salads for his lunches. We put together four containers of pre-chopped vegetables for our dinners, and one with just the onions.

Then, after an hour of chopping, we got to sit down and watch the Survivor finale, but there had been a little confusion with the recording and we only saw the first two hours... don't tell me what happened, we're gonna wait and see it later.

And, not to jinx it, it seems that since it's a hundred degrees outside during the day, we have now reached a temperature at which it is appropriate to wake up early and swim.

So, tomorrow morning, Steady is going to wake up, shake me, and then walk right past the alarm clock out of the room. If I have not reacted to it by the time that he comes back in to get dressed, we are not swimming and he will not try again before eight am. If I wake up, we go swimming for 20-30 minutes...

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