{ Tuesday, May 17, 2005 }

The Excersize

Yesterday morning, we got up. We made it into the pool by 6:45 in the morning. We swam for fifteen minutes. We sat in the hottub for five minutes. We showered. We ate breakfast. Generally, it was a grand sucess.

(Please note: I was still five minutes late for work, because I was really slow on the getting dressed thing...)

This morning:

6:30 Beep Beep Beep
Boy: pokes Girl
Girl: makes angry noises at boy

6:32 Beep Beep Beep
Boy: goes to the bathroom.
Girl: gets up shuts off the alarm clock, climbs back in the bed to wait her turn for the bathroom.

Boy: climbs back in the bed, wearing a bathing suit. "You didn't get up. You didn't get up. You didn't get up" (imagine this said in the most, annoying whining voice you've ever heard)
Girl: wakes back up. "I'M AWAKE! GAH! I AM AWAKE. I AM GETTING UP. I was just waiting for the bathroom."

Girl: stands at end of bed, goggles and towels in hand, ready to go "C'mon! It's time to go swimming! La la la la! Time to go swimming."
Boy: winces involuntarily during the part where Girl sings. Gets up.

Girl: puts down towel near hottub. "Hi, Hottub. You are the only thing about this that I like."
Boy: puts down towel near hottub. Does not speak.

Boy: stands ankle deep in water at shallow end silently.
Girl: stands ankle deep in water at shallow end babbling nonsense.

Boy: stands knee deep in water at shallow end silently.
Girl: fusses about with commentary on the entire time, lowering herself down the ladder, walking back to the shallow end and standing knee deep in water, standing at the edge of the pool staring in like she might jump at any time. Repeat ad nauseam. Note: Girl is only wet to her knees.

Boy: stands knee deep in water at shallow end. "You know, excersize doesn't have to be so cold."
Girl: "I think I might've heard that once." Goes on to pretend that she's not that concerned about the cold, just that she'll end up swimming and he'll just stand there watching and that's not fair.

Girl: "You want to just give up and go sit in the hot tub? I do."
Boy: "But then we fail"
Girl: "We didn't fail! We did the hardest parts! We got up and got dressed and made it out of the apartment before seven am! That's not failure!" (Girl begins to wonder if she only uses exclaimation points before eight am)
Boy: "Okay."

Girl: sits in hottub. Continues to mention how they got over the hardest parts with the waking up and leaving the apartment.
Boy: sits in hottub. Continues not to speak.

Girl: returns to apartment, begins fixing herself breakfast. Offers to make breakfast for Boy. Nags Boy about fruit intake.
Boy: Gets in shower.

It wasn't a total success. There was no actual excersizing. But! I think we got past the hardest part! We woke up freakishly early two mornings in a row and went to the pool and got wet.

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