{ Thursday, May 12, 2005 }



This is my poor, sad foot. This afternoon, I was having my three o'clock snack (at four thirty because it was that kind of a day). I finished my chocolate cake and turned around to throw out the papertowels I was eating off it...

Well, I didn't have my clog all the way on. And my little toe caught on my clog. And there is the damage. Here it is from the side:

So, you don't get an entry tonight... but here are a few pictures from my weekend.

Early morning through the dirty windshield. That's how early it was when I was driving to the airport.

Portland. There's trees and tall buildings and hills. We don't have those things in Phoenix.

My sister puts her new bumper sticker on the car. I brought it for her... "Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit" The tourism department accidentally sent me two of them.

My sister in her Derby dress with her friends and roommates.

Feel sorry for me. It hurts.

posted by mary ann 8:25 PM