{ Wednesday, May 04, 2005 }


Months ago, Steady and I went to the video store. I idly said, "I heard I Heart Huckabees is good. I'd like to see it."

They had, like, twelve cases on the shelf and they were all checked out. We tried again at the video store near my apartment. All checked out. We asked at the store, and everytime they were like "Huh, that's weird. I can't believe we don't have it in. It's always in."

Steady is a very good boyfriend... everytime he went to get cigarettes or to pick up Chinese food or run to the pharmacy... even some nights when we drove two cars back from the bars... he'd go and check to see if the movie was in. It wasn't.

We tried at noontime after going out to breakfast. We tried after dinner. Late at night. One time at ten am. We always checked the recently returned but not reshelved movies as well.

After a certain point, it became hard not to delare that this must be the best movie ever. It was never, ever in. They downgraded from two shelves to just one, but that didn't seem to have anything to do with the demand for the movie. It was never, ever, ever, ever there. At both stores.

Well, Monday night, before dinner (Chinese) we hopped over, just to check. It was there! We got it!

We were nervous. I mean, no movie could meet these expectations. We'd been trying to see it for months. We were wrong. We both really liked the movie. It totally lived up to the hype.

So, last night, we were driving home from dinner at Steady's grandparents' house when he mentioned that the alarm clock situation is not working for him.

I have documented my problems with morning pretty extensively here. The tardiness continues, although it's neither as severe nor as often as it had been. I'm not good at morning.

This means there are several alarm clocks going off like once every three or four minutes beginning 75 minutes before I actually ought to get out of bed. I can sleep through the entirety of this cacaphony. My boyfriend, however, cannot.

I asked for suggestions. How would he change the morning routine. He said that the alarms go off too early and too often. He would prefer to work with one alarm clock and maybe pressing snooze once or twice. He claimed that this was what "normal" people do.

"Well, okay, you do whatever you want with the alarm clocks. You can be in charge of consciousness. But then you have to---"

"No, I am not accepting responsibility for waking you up in the morning."

"What? Why not?"

"Because you're so mean to me."

"What? What do I do? How am I mean to you?"

"You're so mean to me. I am not going to wake you up in the morning."

"Do I curse or scream or throw things? What do I do to you?"

"You're just mean. I'm not waking you up."

"Okay, then, what are we going to do? Will you help me learn to wake up like a normal person?"

"No. Nothing needs to change. It's fine. I'll adjust."

I was telling Pratt about this today. He recalled how he came to help ydelek and me wake up at JournalCon, and after much banging on the door, I woke up enough to muster the energy to hit snooze. Then, I got up from the bed, walked across the room, and opened it. He said something perky and friendly.

And then I slammed the door in his face, turned around and climbed back in the bed where I proceeded to ignore my cell phone alarm, ydelek's cell phone alarm, and the conventional alarm for another hour or so.

I'm not nice when I wake up, is what I am getting at.

Pratt's agreed to help me some more. This morning, I overslept a bit, and Steady is not clamoring to let me abuse him first thing in the morning. So, we will return to Pratt calling me...

What else has been going on? Not that much. The cat doesn't smell anymore, or so I'm told. He's not happy with me right now... you know, because of the drunken bath last night. He still loves Steady though.

Tomorrow my cousin is getting married. I won't be there for it. I wanted to come in for the wedding, but that just didn't work out.

They're a great couple. At first, my large, noisy family thought maybe she was mute. For the first year or so, she just didn't talk, and so we'd ask his brother and sister "Does she talk? Can she talk? Is she an elective mute?"

She just needed to get used to us. It turns out that she's a really bright, fun, quick-witted girl. They couldn't be cuter together, and I'm really excited for her to be joining our family.

I just wrote all of this because I ought to be writing up first my annual self-evaluation for work, and I'm putting it off. The form I was given to fill in just wants to know if I play well with others, am reliable and what about that attendance. It doesn't really have space or categories to accurately reflect my value or skills for the four areas I am responsible for... I mean, I'm good at some things and bad at others, and I don't know how to fit that into three little blank lines or assign myself a single rating for any given category...

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