{ Tuesday, March 01, 2005 }

Things and Stuff

Well, last week there were three potentially fatal fiascos. Steady made it outside during the day today, so clearly he's much better. He's swallowing his last antibiotic right now.

Julie-dog's biopsy came back and she has a bacteria in her gut. That's what's making her sick. There are antibiotics for that. Unfortunately, it's a bacteria that's associated with cancer. Mom seems to think it's not time yet.

And my phone has suddenly started keeping a charge again. It's big progress.

Clearly, this week is off to a much better start than the last one.

Except that this weekend I went and got a new headlight for my car. The guy was nice enough to put it in for me and everything. It worked in the parking lot. I saw it.

It didn't work again after that. So, last night I popped the hood and attempted to find out what had gone wrong. And I broke it. The plug thing that you put the bulb into broke. A piece just fell off. It still has wires attached to it.

Because I lack the good sense of the average flightless bird, I experimented with the broken plug thingy with the headlights on. I found the right positioning for the pieces and I think I can tape it back together. I didn't get shocked, for the record.

Naturally, I did watch The Amazing Race tonight. First came Gilmore Girls. Then came happy dancing and much excitement. It was a really good start, I thought. I'm sad that I have to wait a whole week to see more.

So, I'm gonna be 25 this month. I was talking with ydelek about it last night. You see, when we graduated from high school, we were fifteen and sixteen. It took us longer than anyone ever to turn eighteen, and twenty-one was even worse. And we both seem to think that once I turn twenty-five I will finally be as old as I should be.

I'm already not taking this twenty-five business well. I realize that my entire readership is older than me, because everyone is older than me. Also, because some of you are kind enough to e mail me, and you're all older. But, c'mon, feel a little sympathy for me, twenty-five!

My life's been very quiet lately. I'm sure I'll do something amazingly stupid to share with y'all soon.

The Fine Print:

2004: "I did a load of laundry. I wanted to wear clean pants. Twenty-five more and I can cross that off the list." I also talked a lot about my hair.

2003: This entire post is a giant lie.

2002: "By the way, if you don't poke holes in the potato before you put it in the microwave, it explodes. It's pretty impressive actually."

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