{ Wednesday, March 09, 2005 }

Shopping and Boy News

So, what's new today? A message from my mother letting me know that she's booked some plane tickets! She'll be here for the entire first week of April! This is very exciting.

Tonight, on my way home, I stopped to get gas. While cleaning the dust off the windows, I decided that what my car needs, really needs, is to be washed.

I've never washed my car. Not just this one, but all the ones that came before it as well. Never done the car wash thing for myself. I've taken other cars to be washed, I've washed other people's cars with a hose and a bucket, but I've never washed my car.

Well, my little car needs to be washed. So, I went off in search of a car wash. When I found it, it had closed 45 minutes earlier. I turned around and headed to Retail Therapy.

Normally, this means going and buying books, but right now I am reading three books (Eats, Shoots and Leaves, still working on Bitch: In Defense of Difficult Women and am about half finished with The Rise of the Creative Class) and I have two more on deck (Wasteland by Francesa Lia Block and Manifesta). Plus, I am sure I will aquire more books by the end of the month.

So, I bought the other thing I buy when I'm hunting for retail therapy: underwear. I needed new underwear anyway. And now I have fourteen new pairs (mostly just printed cotton ones, nothing very exciting). I also got a cute purple bra and a nude bra, because one of my nude bras lost its shape and the other one had a tragic underwire fiasco (it snapped in half).

Additionally, since neither of my bathrobes made it to Arizona, I think they were probably still on the hooks in the old bathroom when Emma moved out, I got myself a super soft bright green new bathrobe.

I was very proud of myself for buying no new dresses or shoes. I think that counts for an awfully lot.

So, I have sort of an announcement to make. Lately Steady and I have felt like children of a divorce (which we both actually are), splitting custody between our two apartments. My apartment gets primary custody of me because of the cat, and his gets primary custody of him because of the cable.

But, including the time he was in the hospital, we've only slept apart four nights this year. That's a lot of commuting, packing, occasionally running out and buying new clothes rather than trekking all the way back home.

So, we're gonna live together.

We've spent several days looking at apartments. We've nearly seen all the ones we're interested in, and we've made a short list. We have plenty of time on this... the move is planned for July 1.

But he told his mom yesterday (she was happy) and so today I'm telling the internet. Living in Sin is on the menu for July.

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