{ Monday, March 28, 2005 }


I had a nice Easter, thanks. Steady and I stayed up until like four am Saturday night, because of the coughing. Then we got out of bed at nine am and got dressed and were at his grandparents' house by nine thirty. In the morning.

We hung out there until noon drinking mamosas and then we went to his mother's. We fixed his stepfather's computer and then worked on a puzzle with his mother and her friend for two hours. It was not a very productive two hours on my end. I'm good at sorting the pieces into what looks like it might go together, but when it comes time to stick them together, I'm pretty useless. It was still fun.

After that, he set up his mother's new DVD player. Then we played some euchre and had pizza. Steady's mother was my partner. We won. We ended up leaving there around five. He was very tired after all of this. He kept saying "We've been out and doing things since, like, nine this morning." and I kept reminding him that that's what I do everyday.

Somehow it took us until ten pm to get it together to leave his apartment and head over to my apartment. The entire purpose of coming to my apartment had been to let the cat inside since he'd been out since Saturday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to his apartment to finish our giant craft project. We were playing "how will all of our funiture fit in this space?". This involved making a scale model of the floor plan on a piece of posterboard. Then we measured all of my furniture and cut little blocks of it out of construction paper to which we mounted poster putty.

So, we had to go and measure his furniture and make little cut outs of its shape so we could move them around on the posterboard too. We were almost all the way there when I found myself thinking about the impending Easter breakfast and wondering what I was going to do about the giant pimple on my chin and then what I might do with my hair and then I clapped my hand over my mouth and gasped.

I had turned my straightening iron on about four hours earlier and promptly forgotten all about it. So, we turned around and drove the half hour back to my apartment, I ran inside and straightened my hair really fast and turnerd off the iron and then we drove the half hour back to his place.

Can you understand why we need to live together yet?

So, last night we came back here so that the cat could come inside. By quarter after eleven, we were both very very tired and wanting to go to bed. So, we walked the entire apartment complex trying to catch the attention of my cat. This failed. I laid down on the futon and coughed and worried myself to sleep.

I woke up after midnight when Steady wanted me to tell him where to find more blankets and how to fold down the couch. We ended up sleeping on the futon in the living room so we could leave the door cracked in case the cat came home.

He did, at three am. I woke up to spend half an hour coughing away and while I was gasping for breath I heard the cat having a little dinner. So, I jumped up and shut the door and coughed until I fell back to sleep.

I really hope I get well soon.

posted by mary ann 7:40 PM