{ Thursday, February 10, 2005 }



Day One, February 10: Who you love.
This is a love letter to anyone. Or no one in particular.

To New Love,

It doesn't feel like it's been less than two months, does it? I know you don't think so either; you've told me so. It feels like we should have more history than we do.

I'm so excited about you, about the potential we have. I'm having so much fun getting to know you.

Your drink is my drink, gin and tonic. We smoke the same cigarettes, at approximately the same rate. We think the same things are funny. You like to debate even more than I do. My cat likes you. You have cool friends. We share the same values.

I keep giving you step throat. You keep keeping me up all night.

I'm teaching you about not doing housework and neglecting basic hygeine. You're teaching me about watching the pre-recorded television and neglecting my cat. I'm teaching you about vegetarianism and tiny bits of excersize. You're teaching me about all the good bars for twenty miles around and getting to work on time.

We exist in our little world, a world it feels like I've inhabited forever, but I think we get out and see enough of other people. It doesn't feel unhealthy, spending this much time together.

And on that note, enough talk, it's time for action. I have to end this so I can pack another bag and drive to your apartment for another evening together.


A drunk girl and her designated driver, as taken by a drunk Emma. Aren't we adorable? (I put this on the internet without his permission. We'll see how long it stays)

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