{ Sunday, February 13, 2005 }



Last time, I outlined all the various "interesting" places that not having enough privacy in my home had caused me to get naked in. Since then, I've pretty much chosen to keep it in the house. I'm old and boring.

Did you know that I've never shared a state with an ex-boyfriend? I really haven't logged that much time living in the same state as the boyfriend du jour. So, for me, the question "Where?" can nearly always be answered "After a long car ride."

I used to think that was pretty ideal, having that amount of distance. Then we could visit at our leisure and I could have a whole life all of my own in Central Kentucky. (I've never even dated a Kentuckian. Isn't that strange?) And absence really did make my heart grow fonder.

That should have been a sign I was dating the wrong guys.

These days, I've lessened the distance to a mere twenty miles or so, which is as close as I lived to my boyfriend when I was in high school, but I didn't drive in high school so we were still limited to e mail and phone calls during the week and seeing each other on the weekend.

And already, half an hour in the car seems like too long.

I had problems adjusting to a local "where" in my relationships. I got really clingy. I got even more neurotic than usual. The boys worked hard to keep their distance, their lives; whether that was a product of my incessant needing to see them or their own issues is still undecided as far as I'm concerned.

But this boy isn't pushing me away. And I don't have to hang on so tight. And for now, at least, "where" is limited to two little apartments not really that far away from each other.

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