{ Wednesday, February 23, 2005 }

What Info I Have

I called the hospital at 10:15 last night. (okay, let's be honest here, I called the hospital every hour all evening. All they would tell me is "He's still in the Emergency Room." but any information counts when you're me and you're worrying.)

Anyway, I called the hospital at 10:15 last night, still in the ER, call back in an hour. I think the operator was really starting to feel sorry for me. I called back at 11:30, and after looking up the information she transferred me!

I didn't want to call the poor boy at 11:30 at night! I just wanted to hear "in surgery" or "in recovery" or "in room 1234". I hung up immediately. (This morning when I told my mother this story, she knew before I told her that I had hung up and she called me "such a chicken")

I managed to wait this morning until just now to call again. I have a room number, but that's all the information they would give me.

I really hope someone calls me soon.

UPDATED 11:30 AM Well, I said I would wait to call him until noon so that I wouldn't wake anyone. I almost made it.

He's alive and not so well. His appendix had burst. He'll be in the hospital for awhile yet. He sounded like he was basically okay though...

I did tell him that "On Monday I sort of thought you were being a big baby about the stomach flu, but now that I know it was appendicitis, you were really very stoic about the whole thing." He seemed as flattered by that as one could be.

So, I'll be headed over after work to see this boy for myself.

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