{ Tuesday, February 01, 2005 }
So, I met Steady on the internet. That's no shocker here. However, people really react to that like it's strange. Y'all, The Rules actually condone online dating. They are so backwards they think I should only reply to every third e-mail, but they understand about online dating.

(And truth be told, if I were to do that, I never would have gotten anywhere with Steady as he is no great sender of e-mail.)

But people really behave like this is strange. I think my personal favorite was the coworker who stopped off in my doorway and told me he had heard I had a boyfriend. I confirmed. "You met him online?" "Right, on craigslist." "He lives here?" "Yes." "Have you guys actually met, like in person?"

What now? Have we met? Yes, he lives right here and he's my boyfriend. We have met. I replied that, actually, I had slept at his house the night before. The coworker ran off shortly thereafter.

We were out last weekend and one of the people we were with was talking shit about someone she knows (can anyone follow that?) and she was like "Okay, first of all, if you met him on the internet, there must be *something* wrong with him... I mean, he has to go online to get dates."

An uncomfortable silence followed in which Steady affirmed that he thought it was weird. I replied that I had actually been to an online journallers convention, so perhaps I had a different idea of what might constitute a normal level of human-internet interaction.

Another one of my coworkers ran into me and Steady while we were having lunch. Later he seemed a little happily surprised that I found myself a good-looking boy. The internet: it's not just for ugly, poorly socialized people!

So, I cleaned the apartment last night. It was sort-of a marathon session, because Emma left and I was restless and it's good to clean house occasionally. No one panic, the world isn't ending, the place is not actually very clean...

But I did clean house. And now I am sore. I think mostly from running up and down the stairs carrying bags of trash. I also picked Arthur up and moved him onto the table outside. That might've exacerbated the situation.

My back hurts and my arms hurt and my thighs and ass are really horribly sore. It's very depressing. I'm in such bad shape that I can't even clean. I feel like one of those cholesterol drug commercials where the skinny people are about to drop over of a heart attack...

There's not much else to tell you... this entry is coming to you from Steady's apartment, because it's Tuesday and Tuesday is my television day. He happens to have a much better television than I do, so we watch TV at his place. It's very nice.

Otherwise, it's mostly just tired, tired, tired, work, work, work, boy, boy, boy, cat, cat, cat... I'm really very boring.

"Was I drunk at the time?"

The Fine Print: This is not a very interesting day in my history. Did you notice that JV is updating again? He is. Go read that. He's entertaining. (Don't go read that at work, as there are probably naked ladies involved)

2004: Working 20 hours a day moving an office and unavailable to write journal entries.

2003: Boring entry that makes very little sense as the space shuttle had just crashed.

2002: I had the flu and I couldn't figure out how to use the library.

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