{ Thursday, February 03, 2005 }



HiHIhihiHI! It's me, Isis! The girl is not here. The girl is never here. I'm always all alone. Alone alone alone. I am going to sue her for abandonment. You should too. We'll sue sue sue the girl. First I want to eat her face. Bite BITE BITE HER FACE OFF.

The girl never types here anymore. It makes me sad, because I know she wants her webpage to have lots of words, and I don't think it has enough words anymore.

Things have been happening here. First, the girl disappeared. I was all alone for ten days! One time a man came in the house and unplugged the alarm clock and I tried to kill him. The rest of the time, I was alone. But I am a good monster who only goes in the litterbox and doesn't always eat all the food right away.

Then the girl came back! And I said "GIRL, WHy did you leave me? I was inside all the time and I hate being inside when the door is closed and the door was always closed and don't you know that closed doors are evil and bad!?!!"

There was a boy with the girl. I love this boy. He is the best person I have ever met. I love love LOVE him. I had to bite his face on time because I love him so much, but I think the boy is the most wonderful person ever. I sit on his lap and purr all the time, because I love him. Then when the girl tries to pet me, I bite her hard.

Then, the other girl, the roommate girl from when we lived in the place with the grass came too. And she knew that I do not want any door closed at any time at all ever OPEN THE DOOR because closed doors are bad and make me want to kill them. Kill the doors!

Then I was so happy. Happy happy happy Monster. No biting. No howling. I didn't have to bite things. The door was always open and the big soft pillow in the living room always had a person and space for me on it and I was so happy.

Then I got the stuff in my eye. I had to go to the vet. I almost killed them this time. The girl squirted stuff in my eye, but it was okay and I let her. Then my eye was all better and everything was perfect again.

Then! THEN! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???? The roommate girl from the place with the grass started packing!!! I hateHateHATEhateHate suitcases and packing!!!! This made me very angry. I watched real close to make sure the girl wasn't packing.

Then the roommate girl from the place with the grass left me!!! She left me! The door is closed all the time now!! And the girl! Do you know what that mean old girl did? She keeps leaving me! I have to bite her a lot. BIteBiteBITE the girl!!!! She goes to the boy's house and I like hte boy so much, but she goes away to see him and leaves me all alone!!!!!

Last night she made the boy come to our home, and I heard her say it was because of me. I want to eat her face!! Instead, I went away and didn't come back because I showed her. Then I came home and now I am trying to help the girl have enough words because I love the girl even though she leaves me ALL THE TIME.

posted by mary ann 1:13 PM