{ Monday, February 14, 2005 }

High School Hijinks.

So, Saturday night I went for a swim around ten pm. I left Steady in my apartment with the internet.

While I was approaching the pool area, I heard what was clearly a party. Okay, that's fine, it's only like eleven pm on Saturday... That's fair. I figured I would walk in the pool area and see how rowdy it was.

A crowd of drunken highschool boys were in the hottub. "Look! A girl! Go talk to her!" "No! You talk to her!" "I can't talk to her, man. I'm drunk."

So, I ignored them, and got in the pool. I swam one lap before I realized my hair was still up, and then removed the rubberband.

I ignored them as they discussed how best to go about flirting with me and who should do it. I ignored the cannonballs into the pool dangerously close to where I was swimming. I paid slight attention to the ones that got in the pool, as they said "This is really hard. I'm too drunk to swim."

I ignored what they thought was whispering when my phone rang (it was my sister). I kept swimming.

Then one of them came to the edge of the pool. He was standing outside the pool, leaning forward.
[ignoring this]
"Hey! Red! Hey! What's your name?"
"Hey Mary!"

And that was when he puked. Not quite on me, but more than close enough. I calmly swam to the end of the pool, walked to my towel and back to my apartment, where Steady talked me out of calling the police.

Then, I realized I had lost an earring. I wasn't going back there. I didn't even know where my flashlight was, and also, those kids puked on me! They were amber earrings that my mother made me for Christmas, along with a necklace to match. They match my glasses so well. I was pretty distraught.

First thing when we woke up the next afternoon, I hiked over to the pool. There was a teenaged girl laying in the shallow end reading. By some small miracle, my earring was still in the deep end. And the girl was nice enough to redeem all high schoolers in my mind by going ahead and submerging herself several times until she managed to come up with my earring...

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