{ Wednesday, January 12, 2005 }

Whine Whine Whine

You know when you're so tired your eye balls burn and your chest kind of aches? Maybe this only happens to smokers. Anyway, welcome to my world.

I try not to know what time it is when I go to bed. It cuts down significantly on how tired you feel when you don't know how much sleep you got. Anyway, I've been up since five thirty this morning, because Emma and I needed to run an errand early this morning.

I am celebrating two days sober at this point. Again, not drinking cuts down on the tired.

Sleeping is rumored to be the best method of getting rid of exhaustion. I plan to try it out tonight after Em and I get back from the flea market.

Mom asked me about my oversleeping problem last night. She offered to begin providing wake-up calls.

"I mean, I can try, but, you know how good I am at doing the exact same thing at the exact same time everyday."

"I do know. I come by this whole problem naturally."

My favorite part (except for how this might actually happen.):

"And if I have a class in my room at nine am; I'll just put you on speaker phone. The children will really like that."

(Yeah it should be great. I have such a clean mouth normally, and first thing in the morning I'm extra elementary-schooler friendly.)

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