{ Sunday, January 16, 2005 }

No Complaints.

If you could believe this, I have nothing to complain about right now. Okay, that's not entirely true... the office where I work is being painted and it's rapidly becoming a giant to do, but other than the paint, everything is lovely.

It's sunny and hot outside. There are groceries here. I just had faux chicken and a banana and chocolate soy milk for lunch. The house is reasonably close to being clean-ish. There's a smart, cute, nice boy with whom I'm spending many hours being very silly. I've had a series of fun nights, lazy mornings and productive days. Hell, I've even been exercising.

It really doesn't leave me with too much to write about...

I heard from my grandmother yesterday (My father's mother AKA the one who's alive). I don't know how she got my home phone number, but I'm not going to dwell on it. Aside from a couple of bitchy comments related to "I'm cleaning house right now.", she was really very nice. I hadn't talked to her in... several years, but she was mostly nice to me.

And now I know that everyone is alive and someone has my phone number, and so I will hear about it if the status changes. It's a relief really. (I guess I have a lot of morbid thoughts or something... I think I'm the only person I've ever known who arranged a phone tree for informing everyone if I were to die.)

My father had surgery. That was the only news. He had degenerative disc disease in his cervical vertebrae and so he had them replaced with pieces of a cadaver. I'm told he's doing really well. And let's all cross our fingers that my back never gets that bad. (I do have disc degeneration, but I think it's in the lumbar.)

Oh, and last night a rerun of Futurama made me a little weepy. I'd tried to warn the boy several times over that I get really involved in the television and that's why I try not to turn it on. He seems to think it's very strange that a cartoon show that is supposed to be funny made me all crying and shit, but now I think he kinda gets it about me and the TV. It was a sad show, okay.

Okay, time for me to run off and clean my room. I promise not to be such a stranger around here.

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