{ Monday, January 24, 2005 }

Entirely Too Nice

Yesterday afternoon, Steady and I were walking back to my car, having just had breakfast. I sat down and there was a sudden and very terrible pain on my chest. Not chest pains, but like a stabbing just off of my breastbone. It wasn't deep or radiating or anything. Just a stabbing pain at bone level.

I couldn't turn my head without horrific pains. And he can't drive a stick. But we made it the, uh, okay, really, other people, people who don't have the shitty legs that we both have, would think there's no point in getting in the car, we made it the very short distance back to my apartment.

I laid down and he fretted. He went off to find me some aspirin. The aspirin helps.

We ended up going over to his apartment (he drove). We watched television (football, kids. I like this boy so much that I actually paid attention to, got curious about, and asked all manner of questions about, football), and I popped aspirin every few hours.

I would have told everyone sooner, but Steady needs a new keyboard. I tried while he was out fetching us Chinese food for dinner...

Mary: So, I tried to use your computer to update my journal, but it turned itself off.

Steady: You touched the keyboard, didn't you?

Mary: Yes. No one told me not to touch the keyboard. What key did I hit?

Steady: Oh, I don't know. It just does that. I need a new one.

Mary: It just turns itself off?

Steady: Only if you use the keyboard. Don't hit the keys so hard. You pound on them and it makes them angry and they turn off the computer.

I determined it to be the "E" key. Apparently, he can use the "E" key without incident, but I do not have this magic touch... This is why you have to be the last to know that I'm injured. Sorry.

So, the boy is wonderful and darling and entirely too nice to me. Y'all, I seriously had to ask him to help me sit up. And not just like "here, take my hand and help pull me up.", like "Put your arms around me and pull my entire torso up off of this couch because I can't do this."

He brought me home this evening, after a little more than forty-eight solid hours together. I didn't go to work, since as of midafternoon, I was still requiring help in getting a glass of water off of the table. I think I'll make it in tomorrow, because as long as I don't let the aspirin wear off at all ever, I am doing so much better.

And no, I haven't seen a doctor. He almost wins the Responsible Adult Award for Going to the Doctor When You Should, because he's headed there tomorrow due to a sore throat. I say almost because that's taken TEN days, and I've been in pain for less than 36 hours. So, it's really debateable...

He went home, and I was late taking a pill and now the pain is kicking back up and I can't type anymore.

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