{ Friday, December 31, 2004 }

"You've Lost Your Mind"


"Why does the dog keep rubbing her teeth on me?! It's gross!"

"She's never done that. I don't believe you!"

"Look, Mom! She just put my hand on her teeth! Under the gums on her nasty teeth."

[Mom finishes laughing so hard she can't breathe] "Come here, Julie. .... She only does that to you."

"I think she wants me to brush her teeth. Do you want me to brush your teeth Julie? Maybe Mom has a jewelry polishing toothbrush she'll let me use."

[Commences laughing so hard she can't breathe, and then calms down slightly] "You can brush the dog's teeth. You've lost your mind. How bored are you, mary ann? She's so bored she's brushing the dog's teeth."

In case you were wondering, the dog still wants to wipe her teeth on my pants and hands, but the toothbrushing endeavor was NOT a hit.

posted by mary ann 10:08 AM