{ Monday, December 20, 2004 }

This Is My Life

Ask yourself, "Self, how far along do I think mary ann is on that Christmas shopping nonsense?" If you answered "Still wondering if there's enough time to do it all (except I have two presents already and just need to buy four more) between leaving work and getting on the plane on Thursday evening..." You are correct.

So, the cat just sat outside screaming to be let in for about two minutes while I finished my cigarette and got motivated to stand up. Crying like he might die of starvation before he could get to the food bowl.

What did he want? To walk up to me and bite my face. That is all. Then he went back outside. Yesterday morning I woke up with his head on my shoulder while he purred in his sleep. Today? He just wants to bite my face.

The people I work with are getting friendlier by the moment, I think it's the Christmas Spirit or maybe seven months is how long it takes to adjust to new people, but regardless, they're getting friendly and it has been suggested that I put a picture or two in my office.

I just found a frame and one of these is coming to work with me as soon as I remember to put it in the frame and then carry it to the car and into the office.

Sad story time...

JV has pneumonia. And he's home all alone. And I don't remember the rest, hang on... there were five parts to the sad story... I'll look them up...

It was
1) pnuemonia
2) no one's home
3) [something about which he was very excited did not happen this weekend]
4) his toes are cold
5) his lungs are going to explode
"and finally 6) umm... there must be only five."

I added
7) the air conditioner at work went out today and it was almost ninety degrees in my office

Send him some e mail. It's what nice people do.

I have a happy story. It is very short, so it must include lots of short tangents. It goes like this: He asked me to go see his friends' band play at some bar the next night, and I said 'Sure', and he said he'd e mail me some directions. And then he accidentally stepped on my toes when he hugged me goodnight. Yes, the broken ones. It was sad and painful.

Then he really did send me the directions and called to make sure I was coming. I said I was. I got dressed and put on make-up and everything. I was very concerned that this band was going to be bad and hurt my delicate nearly deaf ears, because it is never good if you involuntarily slam your hands against your ears when the boy you like's friends are playing.

But No! Once I was finished being lost and called and got better directions and walked into the bar and found the boy who was waving his arms at me as I stared aimlessly about in the dark, I got a drink and they were playing.

They were very talented and did not hurt my poor ears one little bit, and I must tell you that you should go and see them. They are called LOBE and they are good.

His other friends were very smart and normal people who had the social grace not to treat me like the socially stunted idiot that I sometimes am.

Then it was late and I had to go home. One of them tried to make a case for staying up late, but I am a responsible girl who has to be on time for work always, or at the very least for another three days before I go home for Christmas.

He walked me to my car, and we talked schedules and he seemed to think it was perfectly normal when I told him that Tuesday from 8-9 PM I am very busy staring at the television. We made plans for Wednesday!

And then! Then! He kissed me on the lips! Twice!

Isn't that a happy story?

The Fine Print:

2003: A rambing, insignificant "How I spent my day" entry.

2002: "each of the girls who has lived here for any period of time has managed to further damage the relationship with the landlord. The cat, however, manages to put normal behaviour aside and not embarass himself or us in front of the landlord and his wife."

2001: No entry. I guess I was doing neurotic things so I could have more of them to write about later.

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