{ Tuesday, December 28, 2004 }

I Miss My Cat

Yesterday was the day of food. Skyline, Graeters, Sitwell's and Uno's (okay, we just had liquor at Uno's but I was inside one anyway. We also stopped off at Krohn Conservatory and went to see Sideways. I'm too lazy to look up links for all those places for you right now.

Then Mom dropped me off at Emma and Ellie's and Emma and I planned and schemed for her visit which is going to be *soon*. We ended up back here around four am.

Mom woke us up at eight thirty to move Emma's car. She had moved it around six in the morning when the stepfather left for work, but then she got it stuck in the grass and had to dig the car out... It was really nice of her not to wake us up at six.

We got breakfast, Emma headed home and then I went to sleep.

I just woke up. I'm still tired. Maybe it's lack of cigarettes. Having to go outside in this insane cold-ness is really putting a damper on my cigarette consumption.

(Julie the dog staring at me, wiggling and barking, terribly excited especially for a 13 year old nearly blind, arguably deaf dog)

mary: "Has she been out at all today?"

Shelly: "She's been out all day."

mary: "You didn't just put that poor thing out and leave her there all afternoon, did you?"

Shelly: "Oh, you mean the dog? I was talking about Mom. No, I haven't touched the dog."

My family will make you want to nap and miss the entirety of daylight too. They're really exhausting.

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