{ Thursday, December 09, 2004 }

DRUNK has been

Oh me oh my oh Nehemiah! (That makes almost no sense if you don't know the girls from Williamstown and that play and the t-shirt and blahblahblah)


I Am drunk!

I drove home. Because I am an idiot. The kind of idiot who pretends she can hold her liquor. Hee. That's a funny joke. Almost as funny as THHGTTG as a gene sequence. (I did not point out that H? Is not TGCA that appears in DNA or even U from RNA. Oversight on my part. I am not a biologist. I don't think that will ever cease to be funny.)

I went out tonight. I guess it was a date. With an internet person! We'll call him A because A is easy to type! (Hi A! Look how you're not stuck with a nomen like Scary Floridian Stalker Guy! YET!)

I feel this compulsion to mention first dates here. I guess I usually use some sort of hook (like, say, "We met at the transit center" or "I fixed his toilet" or "I was about to have surgery and I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom"... there's a toolbar at the top that'll help you find those in the archives. I'm drunk and cannot be bothered), so, I guess tonight's hook is "I went on a first date so... naturally, he's about to move away to do good things for everyone who is not me."

Okay, right, the date. There was drinking (obviously). He had bourbon before I got there! Bourbon and ginger ale which I have never tried, but I did try it and it is good. He made me feel like a bad Kentuckian with the drinking a bourbon drink that I've never had that was very good.

He was very nice. I was an idiot who made terribly insensitive jokes even though I really might ought to know better. He is also seriously considering getting the fuck out of PHoenix and rightly pointed out that I maybe could be doing more to meet people here where I live.... which is in Phjoenix and not where my friends live.

Watch mary's typing skills go downhill.

UM, what else? Yeah, okay, so there was maybe a date with a nice internet person who is trying to change the world and may be leaving and probably thinks I am a snobbish idiot. That is really it. He behaved as though he would be willing to see me again. There might be hope for me yet.

I need to stop with the typing. Good night.

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