{ Monday, November 15, 2004 }

Throwaway Entry #3943

I called in sick to work today. I'm not well. There're swollen gums and nasty throat involved. It is not fun.

I present for you, a snippet of convsation between mary ann and JV, mostly about NaNoWriMo, because we're both neglecting our journals and lives for it. I hit thirty thousand words this evening! I sent him my novel about five thousand words back, and he is posting his online.

My poor main character has finally found a little light in her life. I plan to kill off her guinea pig next. Seriously? Wanna make that word count soar? Treat your characters like the victims of an Old Testament smiting.

JV: I'm never going to make November 30th.

ma: boo.

JV: I know... but I've given myself an extension until Christmas.

ma: I know you did, but... that doesn't mean now is the time to give up
ma: it's never too late if you care enough

JV: I'm not! I'm writing right now!

ma: (you get bonus cool points if you can identify that quote)

JV: nope... no bonus points for me.

ma: so sad.
ma: it's from the care bears movie that takes place at the summer camp.

JV: oh god.

ma: you have no idea. it's not care bears in wonderland, but it's pretty awesome.

JV: oh god... there's so much wrong with you.

ma: what? why?
ma: are you reading my novel?

He was not talking about the novel.

Of my novel, he ultimately said "it's not all bad, you know." and "not entirely terrible!" He's only read the first ten pages or so, but those are the reviews so far.

I'd prolly e mail you a copy if you asked me, and if you promised you'd only give kind, gentle feedback.

The Fine Print:

Apparently, my life used to be very exciting...

2003: What do you do the night before you have hip surgery? I paint my living room, and write an entry while I'm still probably high on fumes.

2002: I was trying to impress Paul and so I wrote about canopeners. Let it never be said that I am cool on any level.

2001: I got North and West, and ydelek and I have adventures. Does that page load correctly for anyone?

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