{ Tuesday, November 16, 2004 }

One Is Silver...

My mouth is doing better already. Aggressive flossing seems to be the key. I bought one of those flossing contraptions, and so far it's fun. My eye? Still twitching.

Tonight, I didn't drink as much during Tuesday night drinking as I normally do. Why? Not just because all the new people on The Amazing Race meant I needed to pay attention...

Because instead, I googled my pen pal from when I was, like, nine. We were matched up when I got diagnosed with OI. She has a site and a web journal. Maybe she'll leave a comment saying I can link to her.

Anyway, her IM handle was on her website. So, I logged in to AIM and added her. She was online!

You have no idea how hard you have to work to get out of my life. You might be reading this, thinking you'll never hear from me again, but just give me fifteen years and I'll appear on your computer screen.

We both admitted that we still had the letters we sent one another. We caught up on our lives. It was very boring to anyone else, but come on! I just talked to my pen pal from when I was nine.

She's doing amazing things with herself. She's a world-class swimmer! She went to Athens for the Paralympics! How cool is that!?! I was like "blah, blah, blah, cat, Arizona, job, blah blah I have an online journal!"

She's also moved far away so we commiserated a minute about trying to make friends and stuff. We exchanged pictures and she knows the short path to my heart... tell me I'm pretty!

I don't remember why we stopped writing to each other. Puberty maybe?

Anyway, it's all terribly boring for anyone else to read, but it was very cool for me.

The Fine Print:

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