{ Tuesday, November 16, 2004 }

Not Well

Whatever is going on in my head, and I'm just going to ahead and guess that it's all related... the right twitchy eye (yes, it's still fucking twitching) and the swollen gums, the sore throat and the minor sinus thing...

It's not getting any better. The eye is the same, the throat is only moderately worse, the stuffed-upness of my head is gross but not serious...

Yesterday I treated myself by laying on the futon and drinking loads of water and rinsing my mouth out with listerine twenty million times. It did not help.

But my gums. The part of my gums that are swollen expanded from just the one little spot on the inside to that whole quadrant of my mouth, and a little bit on the outside of that section as well overnight. To the degree that, I'm not kidding you, the tooth at the starting point of this infection has moved, rotated, whatever, it's not in line with all the others anymore and it was yesterday.

I have a really high pain tolerance, but it is pretty uncomfortable.

Alas, but I missed work yesterday, so I have to go in today. If I can get a dentist or a GP or someone to grant me an appointment to look at my teeth before they fall out of my head, I will be leaving as quickly as possible to get that done, but meanwhile, I have to go to work in all my twitchy eyed, runny nosed, sore throat, chills, probably a fever, insanely swollen gummed glory.

At least I'm having a good hair day.

Updated to Add: I'm seeing a dentist at 11:20 this morning less than a mile from work. I don't think my teeth will fall out between now and then. (Who's my new dentist? The fifth place I called; the one who had someone answering the phone at 7:40 am.)

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