{ Tuesday, November 09, 2004 }

My Mom Writes An Entry.

Tonight I got my new DSL modem. It's been... um... months? that I've been waiting for it. Tuesday being my drinking night, I had a few drinks while I was setting it up. Anyway, while installing it, I had to go pay attention to that e mail account, and I had several e mails from my mom.

No one has a cooler mother than I do. I've been drinking. We'll let her write the entry.

The first message reads: "Well, I did the recovery and then I could not get the router to work. I finally today, after over a week of the computer on the floor in the living room, got the internet back up. I apologize for the delay. I am proud that I was able to accomplish this task. They LINKSYS guy in the Phillipines tried to tell me I did not have enough memory. I knew he was dumping me. I succeeded! I will try to send you the pictures now. "

She's a fifty-two year old elementary school guidance counselor, but she's so with it. She backed up all her data and reinstalled Windows with no help. Then she fixed her wireless internet all by herself, even after tech support abandoned her. She's so cool.

She adds in the next message: "PS I also couldnot get msn to let me have my email. Now that is fixed too."

How cute is that? She did it herself. She's really smart.

Then she sent me a link to the website where she'd put the pictures up, but she had to shrink them for that. "I know you want them full size. Hopefully I will figure that out next."

Then she sent me the pictures of the giant Jesus in full size and color. You may remember all the hoopla about this statue last month. It began with an innocent picture CanadaDave posted, and rapidly became my newest obsession. Mom made my dreams come true and agreed to take me to see it.

CanadaDave told us everything we ever wanted to know about it and made me laugh until I cried. Then I went and saw it for myself. I promised pictures. See above for why it took so long to get them here...

Mom also sent me some gossip that she got about the church. I won't repeat it, but it was very juicey. My mom is totally the coolest.

She also said my favorite thing I've heard about the giant Jesus rising zombie-style from the dead. "Satan must have ahold of His ankle!"

Here are some photos...

The first one is very arty. I was not driving the car at the time; no one worry. We call this "Mary and Jesus" (CanadaDave came up with that.)

This is a closer one with the billboard. One of my cousins says that driving toward it in the interstate at night the first time, he thought it was a high school football stadium...

And the last one I'll share really shows off the moat and the folk-art rough edges aspect of the statue.

PS: This is in Ohio. The church has three thousand members. And CanadaDave reports that prior to the election the billboard read "Vote the Bible". Scroll down here for proof of this.

The Fine Print:

2003: No entry. Busy getting out the vote in Windsor Ontario at the time.

2002: No entry. Busy on a date all weekend.

2001: No entry. Busy visiting friends in Iowa and Minnesota.

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