{ Thursday, November 25, 2004 }

Laundry Lists

Who let me have a Dr Pepper with my lunch? Where are the adults to tell me I can't ingest caffeine on the same day I am supposed to do any sleeping?

It's three in the morning and I am wide awake. Hi. Don't mind me. I just can't think about sleeping because I had a little caffeine today. Also, I hate flying and have some extra nervous energy. I'm doing laundry and cleaning house.

There was a lingering odor. You just need to accept going into this that I have absolutely no housekeeping skills. Just none. In my attempts to come home to an apartment that doesn't smell funny I have:

  • changed the cat litter

  • emptied the ashtrays

  • done five loads of laundy

  • made seven trips to the dumpster

  • disposed of the moldly food that was in the pot on the stove (a few days ago, I covered it with a plastic bag.)

  • thrown out most of the contents of my fridge

  • thought really hard about loading the dishwasher

I have not:

  • packed. At all

  • slept

  • written one word of the novel

That's it. That's all I've got for you tonight. Or for the twenty percent of you that aren't American and therefore have time to be reading this on Thursday. Hi! Happy Thursday!

I am doing my laundry and cleaning my house at three in the morning. Aside from a failed attempt to go to Wal*Mart (because like an idiot I forgot that there's a 24 hour drug store directly across the street from my apartment and so I drove a good long ways to a Wal*Mart that was closed before coming back and doing my shopping on my own block at midnight), there's not much to say. Laundry. Cleaning. Trying to get rid of that smell.

In less than four hours I will be on a plane. I am supposed to be going directly from the airport to a Thanksgiving breakfast. There will be no flying in my pajamas for me...

The Fine Print:

2003: I talk about doing laundry. That's SO weird. I only do laundry, like, tops four times a year, and it happened on the same day twice in a row.

2002: In LA visiting Shelly for Thanksgiving.

2001: Why didn't someone take me aside and calmly explain that I was completely insane at this point in my life?

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