{ Monday, November 29, 2004 }

Be My Grown-up.

Last night I got up to let the cat in and I caught the end of my foot on the coffee table. No one at work understood what I meant either. Take your hand and set it just under the edge of something palm down and then rap where your fingers meet your palm (on top) on it while moving up and away from you, toward the object and move like that until your hand is clear. That's what I did, but with my right foot. I did that hard. "Caught the end of my foot on the coffee table" is the best way I have to say that.

I cannot walk. I can drive, but it is very uncomfortable. Everything moves, but it is not pleased about the moving. There is swelling but not a ton (as of this morning). The bruising was minimal this morning. Mostly I think my toes are injured, except that there's acute pain in my third metatarsal and on the ball of my foot. I haven't looked at it since I shoved my foot in my gym shoes and hobbled off to work on crutches.

A trip to the hospital.... $250 deductible well spent? Or a giant waste of my time when what I ought to be doing is finishing that damned novel?

I don't have a regular bone doctor here. I don't have any doctors here except for the dentist. Plus, I hate missing work. I do have lots of new books, so I have something to take with me. So, it would be off to the hospital with me. Should I go? Or should I continue waiting and seeing?

Some other relevant information: Generally speaking bruising means not broken since bruises show evidence that the soft tissue took the blow. Also, getting better (and it is) can mean lots of things... it can mean that it is broken and healing has begun. It can also mean that the injury was minor and I'm a giant wuss.

It can also mean that spending all night and all day with the thing elevated and iced alleviated the worst of the symptoms (this is part is certain because it got worse when I had to drive). However, getting better from rest, ice, compression and elevation happens with bruises and broken toes just as well as broken metatarsals.

Be my responsible adult... what should I do?

posted by mary ann 6:36 PM