{ Friday, October 22, 2004 }

Three hours...

Three and a half hours from now I need to be awake and getting dressed.

Then I have to run by an ATM. And grab some pantyhose at the drug store. And then off to the airport.

I am packed. My clothes are laying out. For me travelling, this is remarkable planning and organization. Shoes, clothes, make-up, toothbrush. It's all packed. In a small suitcase nested inside the giant suitcase I need to return to Mom.

JV has directions and a timeline and an agenda for the evening. I just have to make the plane and he just has to find the farm. And then we have to get to the church in Friday afternoon traffic.

I am so excited I can't think about sleep yet.

The cat and I have worked out what the worst part of being stuck indoors is. It's actually just the litterbox that he hates. He's always hated doing his business inside. I am pleased to report that there has never been an incident of him not using the litterbox when faced with no other option, but he hates it.

Between rounds of "I want to go pee outside", we spent an hour tonight laying together on a blanket on the living room floor like a normal girl and her normal cat. Then he bit my back. But he does have his sweet moments, I promise. Right now he's napping on a wool skirt I've left on the floor.

For more Zombie Jesus news (I am so going to see the statue this weekend and I am really unreasonable excited about this), CanadaDave's latest put tears in my eyes. And he didn't even have to resort to referring to the zombie-like qualities...

Okay, to bed with me. Updates if I can over the weekend... If I can get Mom to bring the digital camera for the pilgrimage, I promise to share the photos just as soon as I can.

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