{ Wednesday, October 06, 2004 }


I was sick all night last night. I almost called in sick at three thirty this morning, but then I had to run back to the bathroom before I finished dialing the number. I almost e mailed in sick at four fifteen, but then the glow of the computer made my head hurt more.

I did finally fall asleep around five. I woke up much too late to call in sick this morning.

So, I got dressed and went to work anyway. I even worked all day long. When people asked me how I was, I semi-automatically answered "Well, and you?" and then immediately thought "Wait, I'm not remotely well. I'm dizzy and nauseous. Too late now."

I still don't feel well. To the extent that I haven't actually tried to consume solid food in the last ten hours. Ten hours ago it did not go well.

So, tonight you get a small cat update. He's fine. He got mauled. I lathered him in antibacterial soap and rinsed him off after a couple minutes. There were no signs of infection after that.

The scabs are starting to come loose when I scratch at him. He's been angry because I am coming home from work late, but tonight he seems to have forgiven me. He's been alternating between napping on my dirty laundry and climbing all over me seeking to have his scabs itched.

I don't have much else to tell you today. Sick all night, sick all day, less sick all evening since I gave up on eating, cat's doing better. That's about it.

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