{ Tuesday, October 05, 2004 }

Another Day

Thanks to CanadaDave and Jeff for trying to talk some sense into me as I ran through a whole gamut of colors before deciding that the links should be like Hallowe'en this month

So, what did I do today? Um, I went to work and then I sped home and missed the beginning of the debate because NO ONE would put the phone up next to the television for me, and I couldn't find them on the radio.

Then I watched the debate, answered a phone survey from the state Democratic party about it, and skipped the commentary at the end to watch the second half of Gilmore Girls.

The whole debate watching process really wears me out. I'm a very liberal Democrat, plain and simple. I listen to the other side and I get so incensed that I have to scream at the television and sometimes even throw my pack of cigarettes at it. More than once, I was tempted to call my mother and shriek "Are you hearing this?!? People are going to support this nonsense?" and on and on.

Then I usually get very happy when the Democrats start talking. Not so much about the gay marriage thing, because, honestly, I can't wrap my brain around the idea that anyone thinks the government, on any level, has any business regulating who ought and ought not be allowed to be married. I think we've been over that here before.

But other than that one time, generally speaking, the Democrats start talking and I get happy and excited and everything is good again. For ninety seconds. Then we repeat the screaming and throwing the cigarette pack at the television.

It's exhausting being passionate about my political beliefs during a debate.

And now I have to go and buy more potable water. The tap water qualifies as Kein Trinkwasser. The cat won't even drink it, because it makes him sick too, and it's gross tasting. So, we both drink bottled water. We run through a lot of bottled water...

I come from a town with water that beats most bottled brands in taste tests, according to something I read in an alternative weekly from Cincinnati once. So, this nasty, sick-making water from the tap business is a little aggravating for me.

That's really it. It's been a very boring Tuesday. Drive, work, drive, debate, Gilmore Girls, go buy water. Maybe I'll finish that bottle of wine...

Apparently, if you'll look below, it seems October fifth is a historically boring day.

About One Year Ago: I try to write inspite of the horrific quantities of pain killers I was on at the time. I think I wanted to talk all about taking chris, JV and Emma to Rabbit Hash, but I couldn't really manage that. It was a good trip as I recall. chris and I had a nice little talk sitting on a log half out in the river, but I didn't tell you about that because I was on drugs. Basically, this paragraph is more interesting than that entry... and it actually goes with Oct 6, not Oct 5.

About Two Years Ago: "you didn't start smoking til you were seventeen? I guess I just always imagined you as born with a cigarette in hand."

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