{ Saturday, July 24, 2004 }


So, it's been thundering and lightening and windy for a few hours yet, but no drops of rain have fallen.  This isn't the third time this has happened recently, but my car is parked outside and it would love some rain.  Would it would not love is a dust storm.  I'm not sure which way this weather will go yet.

So, the cat was whiny all day.  He wanted some wet food.  He had some yesterday (he gets, like, twice a month at best), and he's always whiny for it the next day...

Since he's not running free so he can't annoy the neighbors' dog, we were sitting on the porch with him in his medium dog sized harness on a leash watching the weather try to happen.  And he darted across the porch and grabbed something.  Then he ran just inside the door.  At this point, I heard crunching.

I don't have to worry if the lizard in the entry way is dead or alive this time, because the only things he left uneaten were the little feet and head.  I wish I had a boyfriend so I could make him clean that up...

I was all squicked out from the lizard appendages, and I learned my lesson.  I went straight off to the grocery and fetched some wet food.  While I was out I went to the gas station and got some cigarettes.

The older man at the counter said:

"You look eighteen, but you don't look twenty-six, and they tell me I have to card anyone under twenty-six."
"Well, that's just right, because I'm twenty-four."

He was surprised and then admitted that he thought I was twenty!  That's almost old enough to buy liquor!  He then said "This looks just like your older sister.  Headed to the bars?" when I showed him my ID, but I think he was joking.

No make-up, curly hair (I'm having a great hair day), a tank top that's kinda too large but also kinda clingy and no bra and my favorite jeans.  And glasses.  Apparently, outfitted like this, I look twenty!

This completely makes up for the last time I bought cigarettes, when the guy at the counter said "Twenty-four!  Shit!  If I hadn't seen you drive up here, I would've thought you were fourteen!"

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