{ Thursday, July 15, 2004 }

It's Really Actually Good News.

I have DSL! It's amazing... the intraweb all high speed and shit. Woo!

I think I made a friend! Maybe several!

That's right. Don't look too fast, kids, but I received a phone call, made plans, and went out and did something social. With someone I didn't know before I moved out here. I did send his name and phone number and any other information I had to three people before I left the house, because I am afraid of strangers. But I went out and did something. With other people who talked to me.

And he has other friends. And they talked to me too. No one ignored me!

I might've talked too much. They might have hated me, but I gave them cigarettes so it can't be all hate. Whatever, there were a lot of them, and regardless what this did for my self esteem is wonderful. Even if I only manage to have met people and had friends tonight, that's the biggest progress we've had in two months. It counts for a lot.

We didn't really do much. We sat around and drank Miller High Life (right now, JV is reading this and he's like "You wouldn't finish the eighteen million really good beers I've picked out for you at Marrika's but you drank High Life?" yes, I did. It was what I was offered and drinking was a Good Idea). Mostly they are also transplants. So, possibly they feel my pain. Possibly they think I'm strange and I talk to much. We'll see.

So, that's my news. I have DSL. I went out and was socialable with other people who talked back. And today at work, I finally began to feel caught up from all that time off.

It's been a Good Day.

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