{ Thursday, June 03, 2004 }

Very Sad Story.

Last night I tried to unpack some.

I started in the kitchen, because it seemed like the easiest. I went through the boxes, and set aside a bunch of things that I don't think are mine to ask Em about returning to her later. Then suddenly, I couldn't find anymore boxes of kitchen things.

This can't possibly be right, can it? How can I have the lid to the rice steamer and none of the other pieces? How can I have the base of the cannister and not the lid? Why would I get the lids to all my coffee cups, but not the cups themselves? I'm sure I own more than three glasses and two coffee cups. They can't all have broken? I used to own two dutch ovens. I have the lids, but no pots. None.

I looked around a whole lot for the rest of the stuff. No such luck. Well, that certainly is strange....

So, then I moved on to my books. Again, thinking that they would be particularly easy to unpack.

This can't possibly be right, can it? I used to have more books than this, didn't I? Where's the box with the Bibles in it? I definitely have books in hardcover. Where did that box go? It was a blue and white paper box and I taped it shut. How can it possibly be lost in this apartment?

This was when I stopped unpacking and started losing it. I called a friend in Kentucky, completely forgetting it was midnight there and woke him up. I ranted for a few minutes, he asked over and over again if I was sure that they'd completely unloaded the truck.

I left Mom a message. It started all pleasantly inquisitive... "Is everything out of the truck? There are a few boxes I can't find..." and it ended with me near tears mentioning the box of books.

Then I called Em. She was out at a bar, but she did report that she'd found several boxes of my possessions that had been left behind. She couldn't remember what exactly, but she now has them at her house.

She speculated that they thought my kitchen stuff was part of the trash. She mentioned that they moved the boxes from the kitchen table (which did make it to AZ) to the area around the trash can. This adds up, they did say that the trash stretched into the dining room, and it sounded like they thought it was in their way.

It doesn't explain why my books were left behind. I'm pretty angry about the books. I have already shed many tears about the books, but I think I have some more in me yet.

I don't know what happened at our house, but it sounded like the grown-ups took over, and my remaining furniture was also removed. The bed went to an unknown destination. The dressers went to Em's house for salvage. I wasn't clear on what happened to the loveseats.

So, now I don't know if I was supposed to pay rent for June or not. I mean, all of my stuff was removed on the first of June without my permission. Without consulting me, actually. But the lease wasn't up until June 31.

When I go home in a couple of weeks to get the cat and attend my cousin's wedding, I think I'm going to be pushing the limits on checked baggage. Between my luggage, the cat's stuff, and now my poor, forgotten possessions... this might be a little bit absurd.

posted by mary ann 12:40 PM