{ Saturday, May 01, 2004 }

You'll Never Believe It

I went through my books and packed some and decided to part with half of them.

I cleaned out my car. To the tune of half a giant trashcan. I discarded papers from 1999 (right now, some of you are like... "mary, um, your car is a 2000. And, um, you got it, like last January. Where did these papers come from?" They came from Jerry (the car before). "But, you got Jerry in January of 2000, right? Where did the papers come from?" They came from Priscilla, the car from 1999.).

Then I began tackling my room. I have much more than 55 gallons of clothes, not including sweaters or things on hangers, as evidenced by my very full new plastic container and the overflowing hamper and the dressers with all those clothes in them. Also, my hamper is much more than full of clothes I am willing to part with.

I got all of the clothes off of my bedroom floor. Then I attacked some of the worst of it... those two garbage bags of stuff that composed the flotsam and jetsam when we moved in July. Most of it turned out to be trash, although there were some real treasures in there.

I also cleaned out under my bed. There were incidental papers under there postmarked more than a year ago ("Didn't you just say you moved in in July, which is 10 months ago?" I did. I moved them from my last house.). I also packed up all of my extra bedding... 35 overflowing gallons of it.

I also cleaned off my desk. I had five forks on it, among many many other things.

I still have eight or so boxes of packed stuff that I have to go through. They're mostly papers and they can mostly go. After that I have to finish my clothes. After that comes the really, really big hassle, less emotional involvement stuff... all the crap that is downstairs. Kitchen. Living room. Dining room. That stuff.

Yeah, so don't look now, but it appears I am packing and cleaning. The cat is absolutely fascinated by the exposed carpet stretching from the doorway, under the bed, and all the way to the other end of the room. I don't think he's familiar with such things.

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