{ Tuesday, May 04, 2004 }

Moving Sucks, Mom to the Rescue (No!!!)

I don't think I've really mentioned this, but Ellie is also moving away this month. She and her husband are relocating to Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati.

Hey, look at that. JV is back.

Okay, so this moving thing. It sucks.

(Thanks to Pratt for the "Arizona Fact of the Day" he's been sending me. I'm learning a little bit.)

Mom called today. Naturally, I was instantly inclined to dismiss every suggestion she made and resent her for making them. There's no good reason for this. If my roommates said "You should think about going to AAA and getting a list of places that will let Isis stay with you." I would say "Thanks." and probably go and do it. My mother says "What you need to do is go to AAA and they will give you a list of places where you can stay with the cat." and I say "Thanks." and begin thinking of reasons not to do that.

I don't know why I have such a base-level problem with letting my mother help me as much as she wants to. Okay, I kinda do. She tells me what "needs" to happen rather than suggesting things I could decide to do and I don't like having decisions made for me. And she tells me what I "ought" to be doing before I've told her that I can't figure it out for myself.

Right, but in the end, if anyone else said "You just pack up all of your stuff and then take your car to Arizona and stay in a hotel and when you've found a place, I'll load the moving van and drive it there for you,and you won't even have to come back.", I would say "That's asking too much of you." (as I did say to Mom), but I wouldn't instantly start thinking of reasons not to let her do that.

So, Mom's trying to take over in a situation where I am really, really overwhelmed, and if I have any sense at all, I'll get over the part where for no good reason I don't want to listen to her and let her be in charge of some of this.

She did admit that she wants to drive my stuff out so that she can see me safe, sound, secure and settled so far away, and that's really fair. She's taking this better than anyone else's parent would.

In other news, while I was writing this, I discovered that somehow I got chocolate from a candy bar I ate earlier on my scalp. Your guess is as good as mine.

I have to go get dressed now (I'm still in my pajamas. So what?) and get some cigarettes.

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