{ Monday, March 01, 2004 }

Random Prattling On About Nothing


I'm still alive. Today I began tackling that giant To-Do list I've been complaining about for so long.

I've cleaned the house a little bit. It's okay if you can't tell. I've run the dishwasher twice but the sink is still full. I understand how that's confusing. See, it's much cleaner in there.... see how few dishes there are on the counters and in the living room? Now do you understand?

Yeah and I took out the trash. I know the can is full again, that happened when I gathered all the trash from around the kitchen... okay, most of the trash from around the kitchen.... and put it in the can. Obviously, I need to take that out too....

I did a load of laundry. I wanted to wear clean pants. Twenty-five more and I can cross that off the list.

Reading is fun. Sim City 3000 is very fun. Cleaning is not so fun. That is all the explaination I can give you for the state of my house. Except, it's better than it was. I ran the dishwasher. Twice. I finally cleaned the nasty rotten pumpkin from September off the deck. I did a load of laundry. I can do better, the house most certainly could be cleaner... but it's a real beginning.

Today I went and got my new license with my new address on it. From when I moved in July. I also updated my registration and all that. Woo! A trip to the DMV. Seven months late! VIVA! Sometimes when I'm trying not to be a gossip, my life is so boring.

My new picture isn't nearly as pretty as the old one. It's still a good picture, good enough that when I got carded buying smokie treats on the way home, the girl at the counter complimented it. I think I look fat in it. I know I'm not fat, and I know I don't have a fat face. I just think I took a fat picture. That's all.

But this should be good, having an ID with the short hair. I've gotten a lot of crap about how little I looked like the picture since I cut off my hair and took to wearing glasses all the time.... a year ago. Although now that I think that the hair is what made me look fat in the picture, I'm totally all resolved to grow it out.

I've been considering it for awhile and I really think I'm tired of the bob and I'm ready to have my hair back now. I am going to try to be responsible about this and not let it get so long that I can't do anything with it but wear it up. Really, I'm shooting for "so responsible about remembering that hair keeps growing even when it's long that it never actually gets to being down past my boobs. Or at least, not to my navel this time. Absolutely not to my hip bones."

Two years ago, my hair was nearly down to my hip bones. Now it's nearly down to the bottom of my collar when I've flat ironed it.

Right, okay, so I went to the DMV today where they took a picture of me and made me look fat. And I ate some trailmix. I don't think that's too bad for Monday.

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