{ Tuesday, January 13, 2004 }

Stress Levels.

Last night I managed to wake myself up three times. The noise of me grinding my teeth was so loud and so painful that I woke up. I can sleep through almost anything.

I think Waste told me once or twice (when I woke him up in the middle of the night to complain that he was disturbing my sleep with things like wanting a square foot of blanket to himself, because I was horribly mean to him fairly often) that I grind my teeth. I don't think I believed him.

Obviously, I need to be coping better with the stress. I'm smoking too many cigarettes, drinking too often and nearly breaking off the tops of my own incisors in my sleep.

Things nagging at me at this moment:

Needs an oil change
Has not been vaccuumed in the year I've owned it
Has a rust spot from a dent from the Ice Storm last year that must be taken care of
Have been driving around with the hubcap in the trunk for a year.

contains no groceries
the living room and kitchen look like something out of a movie about disgusting people
there's an awfully lot of unread mail laying about
my bedroom is not fit for people to see


those leaves I raked more than a month ago are still sitting in the driveway, except now that we've driven on them for a month, it's a smaller pile
the grass in the front yard apparently has still not been mowed (since, like, September)
there are three very nearly completely decomposed pumpkins on the deck from September
there are boxes and boxes of recyling on the back porch and we'll never remember them on a Wednesday
the trash can has been by the curb for more than a week now and we haven't put any trash in it since I moved it for trash day

Writer Guy made me really angry like a month ago and I told him I wasn't ready to just forgive him without an apology and it's been a week since I did that and he hasn't responded. As noted last night, I think the boy I am kinda maybe trying to date is trying to blow me off. Otherwise, for the most part, my friends are not a source of direct stress and that's wonderful news.

And then there's the part where we're moving at work. I don't know if I get to keep my job. No one knows if they get to keep their jobs. I'm trying to do my part to make sure the move goes off. I'm trying to do my regular job that keeps me pretty stressed out normally on top of the moving stuff.

I have to go. Today I am going to try to do my normal job and get trained on the new software system. Possibly simultaneously.

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