{ Sunday, January 18, 2004 }

Happy Birthday to Waste.

Four years ago today, Waste and I went on our first date.

Dear me, how did time run away from me like this? Four years?! Wow. I am so old. Waste, you're even two months older than "so old".

Also, happy birthday to my mom and also to Ellie's Husband (and The Today Show) yesterday. Happy Birthday to Kristie's grandmother the day before. Happy Birthday to Layzee and M. Giant today. Happy Birthday to my dead grandmother tomorrow and my youngest uncle the day after that. If your birthday is this week and I am forgetting you, I am terribly sorry and I'm sure you can understand how one more person might've slipped my mind, Happy Birthday.

If someone can tell me what happens forty weeks before this one that causes so many people to be born in such a short time, I encourage you to leave me comments and emails. PLEASE. I am making people crazy asking all the time.

Okay, so anyway...

Four years ago today, Waste and I went on what we decided was our first date. It was his birthday and we went to Sitwell's and he ended up paying and I got honey all over myself. On the way home, we concluded that he should dump his girlfriend and date me instead.

There aren't words for what we went through together. He earned that name, Waste. He was also my playmate, my best friend, my man-servant, and sometimes I wonder if anyone could possibly adore me half as much as he clearly did.

I don't know where he is now. The last time I talked to him was in July. He was between homes and his job had laid him off and he didn't have a phone number and he hasn't called me since. Waste, if you're reading this, I hope your twenty-fourth birthday is as happy as your twentieth was.

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