{ Saturday, December 27, 2003 }


I was sick a fucking tired of the squiggly lines problem with the moniter. So, last night I move it to the floor. It's remarkably cooler down there, and things improved slightly. If I turned it off for thirty seconds, I could get almost a minute of good display in before it started moving right and then went to squiggles.

Sitting on the floor got old though. And it was really cold sitting on the floor in front of the moniter with the fan blowing right on me. So, I went to the garage and I got my other moniter. It has now been more than an hour and I am still working from a good display, although sometime it has little tremors. I think that's mostly from the amount of Sim City I've played today... that's rough on the display.

Christmas shopping has been rescheduled to tomorrow. I called Dad (Nikki's lost her cell phone privledges and Dad hasn't had a home phone in easily ten years) and let him know that we had rescheduled and would like Nikki to call and let us know what time is good for her.

That means I can spend the whole day in Lexington. I might end up not making the 95 miles-one-way trip to Cincinnati at all today. What a Merry Third Day of Christmas.

Yesterday at work, someone came and told me she'd finished with her work (we had a very slow day on account of everyone assuming we were closed like normal businesses), and she asked if she could take down the Christmas decorations. I almost instinctively replied "It's not even Epihpany yet!"

Then I explained the concept to her. She told me she was a plain old Southern Baptist and she finds it very normal to take down the decorations on the 26th. I consented to having them taken down, on the grounds that I don't actually care about the Christmas decorations and I just exclaimed that because if you're asking about when Christmas decorations come down, the answer is "after the Epiphany".

Fortunately, I remembered I didn't actually care if we didn't observe the Christmas season within the accurate timeframe before I said no and became very stubborn about when exactly it's time to let Christmas-time be over. Frankly, when they started putting the decorations up, I was running around going "Who authorized this? Who said you should put these up?" (the answer "The CEO said we always do, and we should.") and I wouldn't have had them put out in the first place.

Tonight some people who I used to be really close friends with are going to be at my mother's house. I haven't spoken to any of them really since I stopped working at summer camp. I'm remarkably good at keeping up connections, you have to put up a real fight to get out of my life, and I don't know if I want to see them. They're all going out with Shelly and then coming to Mom's house (because my mother's house is where everyone hangs out because my mother is the most fun parent to hang out with).

Part of me wants to go up there, but only if I have people with me. I don't want to be the uncool, no longer popular older sister hanging out at her mom's house on a Saturday night. I would like the chance to possibly reconnect (as I said, it's nearly impossible to get out of my life once you're in) with these people now that we're all adults and one can hope we're all over whatever went down three or four or however many years ago.

Shelly didn't invite me. She told me who she was hanging out with, one of these girls was my partner-in-crime for years, and then she didn't ask me if I wanted to come. She did tell me they'd be at Mom's. I don't know if I was supposed to take that as "So you know not to be there" or what.

If I can find someone else to go with and we can make up a reasonable plan, I'd like to see if I can't bump into the people hanging out at my mom's house. If nothing else, I want them to know that inspite of whatever they've heard or whatever may have actually happened, I'm doing just fine.

Last Saturday Night, JV and I experienced the biggest Christmas Miracle yet (between his new "Viva!" verbal tic and "It's a Christmas Miracle!" we found whatever comedy there may be in repitition on that trip and then we might've actually killed it, but I don't think either of us is ready to admit that yet). We were driving back from shopping and I was idly singing along with the music and I hit all the right notes. His screaming enthusiastic shock nearly made me run off the road.

I should shut up now. Obviously I have a lot more to say when the moniter lets me see what I am typing and I have time on my hands....

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