{ Wednesday, March 26, 2003 }


Ellie's wedding reception is Saturday. Today Kristie, Emma and I went over to her house and worked on the little take-home gifts.

I have a new favorite candy. Wedding Conversation Hearts. They are all the white ones. The white ones are the only ones I like normally. They're large and yummy. They also have wedding saying on them. If I start keeping them at home, I'll never go on another second date.

I sewed more four inch seams today than I care to think about. We got a good start going on them though. More than half are finished, and the rest are close. We had a nice little sweatshop running with good music and wine.

I don't think the wine helped me with the operation of the sewing machine though. I'd make up like six of the little bags and then I'd have to stop and take the stupid machine apart again. I have no idea what I was doing wrong, but whatever it was, it was less wrong than what happened when Ellie, Kristie and Emma tried to sew.

We had some excellent teamwork going on with the little bag of conversation hearts making sweatshop. Much affirmation as well as much swearing. I can't work a bobbin, Kristie can. Sometimes the seams wouldn't fold in right for one of us, but they would for someone else. If one area looked behind, someone else stepped up to help out. We had a nice system going with plenty of job switching.

We kinda lost interest with 50 bags completed, 64 bags sewed and everything else ready to be finished. We put in a good six hour day of slave labor.

This update really only exists to say Thank You!!! to everyone out there who has offered me well wishes and support these last few days. If I can just get to Monday, I really think things will improve. I really do.

Tomorrow the green woman are bound for a wholesome day in the outdoors. It's bound to help my world-view a bit.

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