{ Saturday, March 08, 2003 }

Assistant Princess Sculptor Muse.

Waste and I are working on what aspires to be the much needed piece of wall art for the living room. Emma asked him to make it. Then he asked me to take him to get some supplies. Yesterday at two o'clock, we headed out.

We aspired to go to the craft store, but instead we found ourselves at Big K-Mart. We got to the art supplies aisle and invested much time, effort and deliberation on which supplies to buy. Ten dollars later we were leaving with colored pencils, crayons, water colors, construction paper and glue. Add that to the finger paint, fabric and markers that were already here and you have the makings of a very interesting art project.

Next we drove around just about every dumpster from there to home looking for cardboard boxes to serve as canvasses. We finally found some, loaded up the car, and headed home.

We devoted the next seven hours or so to this art project. I am officially the "Assistant Princess Sculptor Muse" which means mostly that I give suggestions, do boring things like gluing the construction paper down and sit on the couch and play with the art supplies while whining about the music choices. I think it's going fabulously.

Last night I agreed to go get Taco Bell and smokie treats if he agreed to finish the project. I sincerely hope it gets finished today, although it's supposed to be so pretty that I think we might end up out disc golfing. That would delay the project.

It's five pieces of cardboard, each one radically different. Cosmos, Sun, Sky and Land.

I would tell you more, but Waste just finished peeling those apples I asked him to do yesterday so I have to go bake an apple pie now. I made one the other day from the memory of watching my Grandma do it so many times... crust and everything. Remembering that my Grandma died in 1998, I think that's very impressive. Everyone was pleased enough with my pie that I've been asked over and over when I intend to make another one. And now the apples are peeled so I have to go bake an apple pie....

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