{ Thursday, February 06, 2003 }


One more quick note to add. Maybe I've been boring this week, but next week... I, along with so many others, am going to attempt Tygerchild's Februarium.

We're still living on potatoes here. They are a very versatile food. Only about 18 more pounds to eat.

The cat is fine. All that fear for so little payoff. It's a good thing.

I took a test tonight. I think I did well.

I have to write a five page paper before Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. But I did make my printer work today (finally. For the first time in more than a year). That adds something, the fact that I can print it... It would be nice if I could say I had done even a tiny bit of research for it, but whatever, I have no job and I'm verbose. I can totally research and write a five page paper starting twenty-four hours before it's due.

Yeah, that's it for me today.

Yesterday I went to Cincinnati to have lunch with Waste. He's supposed to write about that. My favorite part was how nervous I make him. "" was I think my favorite uttering. Although the thirty seconds to say "I like that shirt" were also entertaining. But he's in charge of the rest of the story. The outline would be: we went to lunch at Skyline then we went frisbee golfing.

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