{ Wednesday, February 19, 2003 }

I'm back.

Hi world,

Yeah, so, um, Lexington KY is a disaster. No. Really. Literally. Governor declared. Distaster. I woke up in what we've been referring to as Bosnia Sunday morning when a tree tried to join me in bed.

Big thank yous to Writer Guy!!!!!!!! BIG Thank yous. He let Kristie and Isis and me stay with him. He's been a saint, y'all. Seriously. HUGE thanks to him. I don't know how we would've kept from freezing to death in this big, drafty house if he hadn't taken us into his apartment. I can't say enough about how great he's been all week.

And Thank you to Jeff for his kind update and also for checking my e mail and letting people know as needed that I was okay. He rocks.

K, well, I just came home to check the state of things and now I need to go back to Writer Guy's house and claim my kitten since we have heat and power and well, all our utlities back now and the thaw has started. I promise the whole story. Soon.

I'm fine,

posted by mary ann 2:52 PM