{ Monday, February 24, 2003 }

Cute Mom.

My mother called yesterday. I know that many people speak to their relatives every Sunday and a Sunday call from a mom isn't any big deal to them...

My mother gets more like her mother every day. Actually, if you believe what my family says, I get more like her mother every day too. It's not a bad ideal to aspire to, even subconsciously. Anyway, Grandma wasn't one much for talking on the phone. Actually, she was rather given to hanging up on people who didn't realize the conversation was over.

"Hi Grandma, it's mary ann"
"Hello. When are you coming over? I'm home."
"We might stop by later."
"Okay, I'll talk to you when you get here then."

Much like a conversation with my mother normally. Real conversing can be done in person. We're all talkers, but they just don't mess with the telephone. A long e mail from my mother is five sentences long. They normally go:

"Everything is fine. Your sister/aunt/whomever is ________. Fiance and I went to a train show this weekend. Julie and Emily [dog and cat] say hello. your loving mother, Mom"

Don't worry that I'm contacting you, here's a drop of gossip. Let me tell you about something I did. Your pets aren't dead. Love Mom.

So, yesterday was odd. Mom called and we chatted. On the telephone.

My mother was out until last call at a bar the night before. She normally is in bed by ten. She said she almost called me just to tell me she was awake. My mother considered drunken dialing me!!

I told her about my broken finger, she told me about her cysts and her back. We had a nice little talk. I forgot how much I like my mother when she's not busy being bitter at me.

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