{ Thursday, January 16, 2003 }

Long Day.

Yesterday was insanity. I already reviewed what all went down before eight am.

When Kristie got home from class, we got motivated and went off to talk to the temp agencies. Because it's been six months now and my registration will expire any minute now and she needs a job. Except that she accidentally left her purse back home last weekend and has no identification. But we made it to the parking lot of one of them.

Then we went to Emma and my school to get my books. We had a hard time, but we did finally find the bookstore. $257 for two real books and a workbook. No one look suprised.

We got home as Emma was headed back to school from her lunch break. Ellie was home for the daytime. Then her husband came over and they needed to have some talk and I don't know what was going on except that Kristie and I were sent upstairs to play rummy on my bed like a pair of ten year olds while they talked in our living room. Kristie was kicking my ass in rummy when we finally got to go back downstairs.

We got downstairs and Ellie and I sat around awhile while Kristie cleaned. Then somehow (I think it began with "Will you please help me move this couch?") I found myself helping. We swept and mopped the entire living room. It was some crazy shit. We moved the furniture and really actually swept and mopped the whole room.

I think the plan was for us to continue on this cleaning binge, but instead, during Victory Cigarette time, we got a call from Emma. She'd had some car trouble. We all three got in the car and went to help her. We got everything worked out and she's fine now.

After all of that, I crashed out on my bed with no sheets (oh yeah, before we played rummy Kristie and I flipped the mattress. My mattress is from 1974 and one side has fewer bad, pointy springs than the other. It's been on the bad side for six months.) from 7 pm until 4 am. I got up and ate dinner and now I'm here.

Tonight I start classes. Argh.

[Hey, go read The Ankle Biter and Blind Envy. Because they're both good reads. And go read we thought we were deep. Because it's another teenage suicice poem. And he is still alive seven years later and he's given permission for us to laugh now. And read Faded Dreams because seriously when I started reading it I thought The Wench might be a member of my own family.]

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