{ Monday, January 13, 2003 }

Jumping The Shark

Well, Ellie is mostly packed. Last night her husband and two of his buddies came by and moved her bed. Then we got out all of her still-packed boxes and went through them with her. Mostly my job was to motivate and remind her to label a box when she was done with it.

By the look of things, Emma went through and got all of Ellie's dishes sorted from mine. The silverware is going to be a bit trickier.

And so, mostly what's left is clothes and shoes and furniture. The armchair in the living room and the stand that the telephone is on are all that she brought to the community furniture pool, so we should be fine there.

Last night I was sitting on a mattress pad on the floor of her room and I thought about how if our house was the centerpiece of a sitcom... the viewers would all be decrying this plot twist as a real sign we had jumped the shark...

"Ellie got married?!?! Ellie who had a new boyfriend every month? Did she marry The Boy Whose Father Hates Me? or her Situation?"

"No, she eloped with that new guy she was seeing."

"But she still lives in the house?"

"Not for long, that friend they had staying there all the time, Kristie, she's going to move in."

"Look, they're all sitting on her bedroom floor, smoking and listening to music while repacking her. Just their first night there."

"A seance joke. Are they trying really hard to make us feel like it's a teary farewell to Ellie, but nothing ever really changes? Or do you think they're just out of ideas?"

"Did she get fired or quit or something?"

"No, she'll still be on, probably almost as much. She'll just have a husband. And a baby."

"Oh, did the actress get pregnant? Is that why this is happening?"

"I think so."

"They shouldn't have written it in, like they did on Frasier with Daphne. Just pretended we wouldn't notice."

"I guess all that furniture in the rest of the house belongs to someone else? Or do you think they'll bother to change any of it?"

"mary mentioned earlier that it's all hers."

"Isn't that conveinent."

"Wait, so Emma is back in school, this Kristie is a student and mary is going to night school too. So, they'll all be students?"


"Did someone just come in and give the whole premise a complete overhaul or what?"


"This is all too confusing. I really used to like this show."


Saturday night was Get Drunk And Clean The Kitchen Night. Emma, Kristie and I got some cheap wine and champagne, a metric ton of Chinese Food, three packs of smokes, and very literally got drunk and cleaned the kitchen... It was really a very good use of a Saturday night. I think Kristie is trying to find methods of being a good influence on me and making me want to clean. Because you know, she does it for fun.

Really, though, drinking champagne and listening to upbeat music and cleaning the kitchen with two other people? Was kinda fun.

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