{ Wednesday, January 15, 2003 }

It Can Be Done.

6:00 AM Alarm clock in my room. I get up and turn it off and have the capacity to wake up Writer Guy and tell him he has to get up and go to work.

6:15 AM I actually get out of bed and walk Writer Guy out. I go upstairs and brush my teeth.

6:30 AM Kristie's alarm clock goes off. She turns it off. I wonder when there will be coffee while I smoke.

6:45 AM Kristie's alarm clock goes off. She gets up. The coffee maker starts its thing.

7:00 AM Emma's alarm clock goes off. I'm drinking my coffee.

7:15 AM Kristie leaves for school. I begin making pancakes.

7:30 AM Emma gets out of bed.

7:45 AM We eat pancakes and drink coffee and basically have breakfast like civilized people.

8:00 AM Emma goes to school. My alarm clock goes off. I've already been up for over an hour and a half.

I imagine that no one thought it was possible. Everyone who lives here slept here last night (plus one) and we all were up and moving before eight am. (Yesterday I slept until 2 o'clock in the afternoon... and no one batted an eye) I think we might've all even been in bed before midnight.

And we weren't like one of those orange juice commercials either with everyone running around like crazy people. Half of us even sat down and ate pancakes.

Happy First Day of the Semester to all UK students.

I don't know how much longer we'll manage to keep this up, but we did it today. It's not so hard getting motivated that early in the morning when the coffee makes itself and there are other people who are awake around.

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