{ Tuesday, January 21, 2003 }


I've got to prioritize my to do list and prolly once I've done that, writing about prioritizing my to-do list will come in dead last.

I fucked up my thinking on the bus schedules and very fortunately, I double checked before I left Writer Guy's apartment and so I didn't end up out in the cold for too long. Although it meant spending another hour doing nothing when there are a thousand things I need to be doing. Also, very fortunately, he came home for lunch and took me back to my place on his way to work (it's not really on his way, but he's very nice like that).

There was a note on the front door from the utility company. Apparently if we don't pay the electric bill (which is not late enough that we have gotten another one or anything) by two pm, they are disconnecting us. Apparently the nearest place to go to pay the electric bill is downtown. I also need to go downtown and talk to the people at the unemployment office for my regular six-week check-in, but I can't do that until I have all my job search notes organized and I don't have time to do that and get there before two.

I can't take the bus to the electric company unless I want to deal with the major inconvienence of the busses only running once an hour during the day... meaning that paying the electric bill would eat up most of the afternoon. It's fucking cold out there, but I am going to have to ride my bike. Only to ride it home, get organized and ride it back downtown to talk to the unemployment people.

I also have to figure out where the nearest branch of my insurance company is and make it over there. Today.

I also need to fix the gas bill. Because Ellie took it out of her name and I need to pay the new deposit. The thing here is that I don't know if my roommates are going to be able to reimburse me before rent is due and that might cause a *serious* problem with my budget and desire to have a home. But these things *have* to be done. The gas comapny is seperate from the electric company but I can put down the deposit at a nearby bank a mile away...

Really, that's it. Just those four things. Pay the electric bill, show my job search notes to the unemployment office, get car insurance, pay the gas deposit. Well, and find out what's going on at the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation as far as my tuition reimbursement goes, but that will just have to wait for another day.

And one day this week I have to get to Cincinnati and spend a day getting the title on my car all worked out. I don't even know what's been done and what's involved with that. I just know there's still work to be done and Mom acted like it might take me a whole day. And that will involve getting someone to take me to Cincinnati. Because Mom can't come get me until Friday night and I have class Saturday morning. So that doesn't work.

How did I ever manage to have a job and keep my life together?? I'd like to have the challenge back again.... Of course, a car would really help this whole process. My roommates are both at school until after the deadline for the electric bill or else that could be done in twenty minutes.

Okay, time for me to stop whining and get my ass in gear. I have to go ride my bike downtown now and use my rent money to pay my electric bill.

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