{ Wednesday, December 04, 2002 }


I made it. All the way home...

Monday night my sister and I went out for drinks. She got a bit more intoxicated than she had inteded to be. Anyway, we got home about four hours before we had to get up. She chose that point to explain to me that she didn't ever really wake up when her alarm clock goes off, and maybe we should get someone to call us and make sure we get up.

Thank you to everyone who called me at five am Tuesday! The alarm clock didn't get us up so you were very important to me getting to the airport in time.

The plane ride was... well... I don't really know. I was mostly asleep. Sedatives will do that for you.

Writer Guy picked me up from the airport. I slept off the rest of the sedation at his place last night. And I accidentally left my smokes there. What a shame.

My living room is so clean it looked disturbing to me. Also there was someone asleep on the couch. I haven't seen my roommates yet because they're not up yet.

It took Isis about an hour, but he's decided not to hate me for leaving him.

So, today I have about a thousand things to accomplish. Mom says it's not too late to do a FAFSA. I have to find out if she's right (she is a guidance counselor, so I am going to guess she is) and then prolly this means I am going to have to do my taxes so I can fill out a FAFSA and then I have to apply to a school somewhere. Mom says I can have the car as soon as I am enrolled in classes. I also have some other errands I have to run today.

My contacts disintegrated last night. Both of them. I'm really afraid I still have chunks of them in my eyes...

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