{ Friday, December 20, 2002 }

Don't Bite The Landlord.

We have an interesting relationship with out landlord around here. See, first he took a real liking to Emma (we think it's the rack), then he caught me masturbating (you can search the archives for that one yourselves). Then the last time he was here... Ellie made a very risque comment about him while he was in the basement and we're pretty sure he heard it.

He's a sixty year old, [we think] alcholic man who mumbles and shakes a lot.

Today, he came over to investigate why the ceiling over Ellie's bed (on the first floor) was leaking. This time his wife came along. Apparently her cat died recently and she wanted to get a chance to play with Isis.

My cat is a biter. He's cute. He's spunky. As far as cats go, he's really ideal for playing with. Except that he's a biter. I was upstairs and Ellie was downstairs with the landlord, the wife and the cat. She tried to warn them that they might not want to try to put their hands over his head (if you come at him from under the chin, the chances of being nipped go down immensly). She told them he wouldn't claw them (and he won't), but to watch out because he doesn't like men.

She thought that was the best way to keep the cat from biting the landlord. Try to keep the landlord from approaching the cat.

Apparently, Isis was up to the challenge and played quite nicely with his wife and even rubbed on her legs a bit. Then the landlord came over. When Ellie demonstrated to me how the landlord had been petting the cat, he flipped over and went into full-on attack mode. Then she explained it was just like that except that Isis sat still and allowed this to happen.

To review: each of the girls who has lived here for any period of time has managed to further damage the relationship with the landlord. The cat, however, manages to put normal behaviour aside and not embarass himself or us in front of the landlord and his wife.

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