{ Saturday, November 23, 2002 }

I'm in Los Angeles.

I've been up since nine am Friday.

But I made it here in one piece. I didn't flip out too much on the planes. I did cry during take-off both times, but I didn't scream or yell or demand to be let off of the plane. I just sat there and panicked and cried to myself.

I still hate airplanes.

My sister picked me up from the airport. I've spent the entire afternoon with her. I loved, after four hours of walking around, when I said "My legs are really getting tired. Do you think we could possibly rest?", she responded "Your legs are tired? From the walking? Geez. That's sad.". I then had to remind her that I'd been awake for more than twenty-four hours, thirteen of which were spent on airplanes or in airports. She was a little more understanding then.

Did I mention that I am experimenting with not smoking? I don't think I'm going to quit. I'm just having "Try it for a week week". While I am not in Kentucky. I don't think it's going well.

I met her co-workers. I feel like I should wear a sticker that says "I'm the older one.". Because Shelly must just look older than me. That's no great feat I know, but whatever. I feel like I should be wearing a sign that says "I'm quieter, I'm shorter, but I'm older." because people keep asking. Obviously, that's been a pet peeve since forever. I don't think I've ever been taken for the older one at first glance.

Some thoughts on the trip thusfar: I hate airports. I hate airplanes. I feel filthy and smelly and gross even though I changed my clothes and brushed my teeth and put in my contacts while we were driving down the freeway. My ankles have found a new level of pain that I didn't know existed without an actual bone breaking. The rest of my body really wants in on that new level of pain thing. I'm tired and I'm cranky. And I am sleeping on the floor for the next ten days.

But I'm here. And it looks like Shelly and I will prolly really have fun. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy her. She's really very very funny. Expect ten days of "funny things my sister said" stories. And I will be available by e mail. Okay, there's a couch here (I'm at her work) so I'm going to go nap now.

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